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Finding a Good Conveyancing Solicitor – First Impressions Count

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When you are looking for a legal expert to act for you when buying and/or selling what is, more often than not, the biggest purchase of your life, first impressions and reactions are very important. If the person and/or firm has been recommended to you by a friend or colleague who has had a positive experience, then that a great step in the right direction.

Quick Response Times

If not, then consider:- How quickly did you get a quote?  Did you understand what it all meant? How informative were the recipients of your enquiry? Were you able to make contact easily? Answers to those questions will give you some indication of the way in which your transaction will be run.


If you are not familiar with the process, the communication level of the firm you are enquiring with is even more important, after all, you are dealing with a process which involves unfamiliar language and steps. Did they explain what they were doing, even at the initial stages? Do you know what to expect next?

What happens next?

Have you had information as to how the process will work? Firm’s websites can give some indication or a step-by-step guide provided when you obtain your initial quote.


Please consider choosing someone who has been doing the job for a while – they are more likely to be able to manage the transaction for you and see any problems coming upon the horizon. They should be able to explain if you do hit a hurdle and what can be done to resolve it.


Finally, empathy and understanding goes a long way when you are speaking with a potential firm. The staff should not only be interested in what you are doing, but be aware that this is an emotional investment for those buying a home; a business opportunity for those who are investing.

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